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Which dust collector is more environmentally friendly in micro powder mill? 2017-12-12

  1. By integrating technology of many types powder mills, micro powder mill has a qualitative fly over the technology, and its work performance is greatly improved. However, nonetheless, environmental issues in the production of ultrafine mill are still issues that deserve our continued attention, and the combined use of precipitator and ultrafine mill will make ultrafine mill production more environmentally friendly, then Which dust collector is more environmentally friendly in micro powder mill?

    micro powder mill

    At present, the most widely used precipitator belongs to the pulse dust collector and bag filter, and the difference between the pulse dust collector and bag filter is equipped with induced draft fan and dense bag filter device, into a lower discharge to avoid material spray phenomenon in dust collector the formation of a positive pressure. The entire mill production line is a circulating air seal structure. When the fan continues to blow air to the circulation system, excess air volume must be eliminated in time. Otherwise, if the circulatory system pressure increases, the wind will not flow normally. Therefore, excess air must be eliminated in time. Exclusion process will be accompanied by a large number of dust, where you need to add bag filter or pulse dust filter to filter the powder, without blocking the flow of air out. 
    Although the bag filter also has a good filtering effect, you can get rid of a lot of dust, but because the bag density is not enough, the dust is not complete, if the bag clogging, excess wind pat will not make ultra-fine mill inside the formation of positive pressure , There is the phenomenon of spray out, pollution is more serious. Pulse dust collector just can solve the above bag filter device deficiencies, dense filter bag in the exclusion of excess wind while fine powder has a good filter effect, high-pressure induced draft fan to maintain the negative pressure within the dust collector, so that the wind in good Of the flow of state, so the pulse dust removal device to be more environmentally friendly, but also the quality of the filter recycling and recycling of fine finished products, but regardless of bag Ye Hao, pulse worth mentioning should pay attention to the clean-up filter bag to protect the dust removal device in good condition Work status.
    Therefore, the use of pulse dust collector will make superfine mill production more environmentally friendly. Shanghai Clirik as a professional manufacturer of ore powder mill, supplying various types of ore micro powdermill and ancillary equipment. welcome to visit us and contact us now!
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