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Diatomite Use Which We Don't Know 2018-01-23

  1. Diatomaceous earth for cosmetics skin care products (beauty and skin care)

    Diatomaceous earth can be used as the main material of mask and other cosmetic skin care products. It use adsorption properties of diatomite, playing a role in the care of the skin.
    Diatomaceous earth for daily necessities
    It mainly use water absorption of diatomaceous earth, diatomaceous earth itself contains opal, is soft and porous texture, and water molecules in the air are sucked into it. According to the data, diatomite water absorption is 2-4 times as many as its own volume!
    Diatomaceous earth is used in artificial leather
    Diatomaceous earth is pervasive, there are some seemingly unrelated things, but it has incomparable fit. Diatom mud has a strong sunscreen, soft light body, it can eliminate leather pollution. Add diatomaceous earth composition in the artificial leather, leather shoes can be more durable, which greatly reduces the cost of production for the manufacturers.
    Diatomite Use Which We Don't Know
    Diatomaceous earth is used for animal feed
    Due to its neutral pH and non-toxic diatomite, diatomite has unique pore structure, light weight, softness, large porosity and strong adsorptive capacity. It can be uniformly dispersed in feed and mixed with feed particles, difficult to separate out. 5% diatomaceous earth can prolong feed retention time in the stomach, increase the absorption of residual digestion. Diatomaceous earth added in the chicken feed, not only can significantly save feed, but also increase revenue.

    Diatomaceous earth used in mosquito coils
    In the summer, many mosquito repellent products are also hot, mosquito coils is one of the typical. In our mosquito coils, in fact, it's also added diatomaceous earth composition, it use the superior adsorption capacity of diatomaceous earth, which can better adsorb mosquito repellent added in the mosquito coils and can help the mosquito coils to exert repellent effect better. In addition, diatomaceous earth is often added to the field of pesticides due to the excellent adsorption properties of diatomaceous earth, helping crops to be better pest-free.
    Diatomaceous earth is used for building wall materials
    Small body, big energy. Diatomaceous earth has a very wide range of uses in life. Of course, the embodiment of the biggest role of diatomaceous earth, is interior decoration!
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