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Clirik vertical mill - the first choice of cement slag 2018-01-16

  1.  In recent years, under the circumstance that related vertical mill technology is maturing and technical advantages of vertical mill products are increasingly prominent, Shanghai Clirik Machinery actively absorbs successful experience from abroad and continuously upgrades its technological innovation through research and development team, design and produce CLUM verticla mill.

    Blast furnace water quenching slag (slag) is a by-product of the iron production process. At present, China's annual output of pig iron is more than 300 million tons. The domestic average is 1 ton pig iron produces 0.4-0.6 tons slag, the annual production is about 130 million tons of slag. In our country, more than 50% of the slag is used as a mixed material for the production of cement. Due to the improvement of the technical level, the slag is developing towards the cement main material, which is promising both in terms of economic benefits and environmental benefits.

    Clirik vertical mill

    China's relevant research institutes put forward the proposal of vigorously promoting vertical mill in the cement industry In the 80's. As an ideal large-scale grinding equipment, vertical mill sets crushing, drying, pulverizing and grading and conveying in one. The production efficiency is high, making solid raw materials into the required powdery material.

    Compared with the ball (tube) mill, vertical mill in the crushing principle and drying ability, feed adaptability, metal wear and simplifying the system has significant advantages, and with characteristics of no noise and dust pollution, less investment and energy consumption. It has been widely used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic mineral industries, especially in large-scale production system to be popularized and applied.

    CLUM Vertical roller mill covers an area of about 50% of the ball mill system, but also open layout, greatly reducing investment costs. Compared with ball mill system, it saves 30% -40% energy consumption, with good stability, high reliability and good product granularity, becoming the preferred equipment of grinding industry.

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